Android Voyager RAT

$ 150,00

Voyager is an Android RAT coded in Java which can be used to monitor your kids and spouse as well. It can retrieve passwords from browsers, Can monitor HTTP traffic as C&C server with 70+ commands.

  • No Computer Required
  • No Port Forwarding Required
  • Highly Stable and Persistent
  • Completely Stealth and FUD


Android Voyager RAT is a with web-based Android RAT

Without Root Access:

Toggle Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, Toggle Flash Light, Record Audio, Delete’s Internal Storage and External Storage, Remote Wipe, Phishers (Gmail & Facebook), Delete Contacts, Delete Call logs, Make Calls, Send SMS, Keylogger, Send Fake Notifications, SMS Control ( Control Targets Device through SMS ), TOAST messages, Executes all Linux commands, Send Text Messages, View Contacts & SMS

With Root Access:

Remote Android Screen, Screen Capturing, Sets Keylogger automatically without user prompt, Http Traffic Monitor ( Monitors Only Android Device traffic. If the user logs into an HTTP website it will be captured ), Makes itself as System application ( Could survive factory data reset ), Lock and Unlock Other Apps (Including System Apps), Hide and Unhide Other Apps ( Including System Apps ), Removes Android Lock Screen Password, Delete All Inbox Messages, Bricks the device, Anti Antivirus, Self-Destructive Mode, Password Grabbers

For more information send us an email at or skype: live:ultrahacks_1


  • Stealth & FUD
  • Stable
  • Multi-Platform controller
  • Fully Remote Access
  • Web Panel
  • Uninstallation Proof
  • Free Setup