AZORult stealer 3.3

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Powerful file grabber:
– Ability to specify startup directories for searching
– Filter by file name mask
– Filter by file size
– Processing of subfolders
– Processing shortcuts
– Exceptions

Multifunctional non-resident style.

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Azorult Stealer 3.3 is capable of doing the following things:

  • monitors the contents of the clipboard.
  • bypasses the Windows firewall.
  • fully works in usermode, does not require administrator rights.
  • the performance was thoroughly tested on Windows XP – Windows 11 x86 / x64, as well as Windows Server.
  • reports on the user’s PC are not stored in any form (except for local assembly), the keylogger monitors the user’s activity and the presence of a connection – while sending a log to the php panel no more than once every 5 minutes using an HTTP POST request, like a browser.
  • does not eat resources, does not cause any sticking or glitches, does not freeze, does not load percentages, does not fall, hawala 1-2 MB of RAM.
  • any hosting with php support is suitable for the panel.
  • in the log you can see IP, PC user name, window name, text entered by the user and the contents of the clipboard.
  • logs are sorted by bots, inside the bot – by date and IP.
  • to identify bots, you can use an ID identical or a network mac address (optional).
  • for greater clarity, the logs are supplemented with screenshots, which are taken by timer – every 5 minutes. user work.
  • size of unencrypted build ~ 200 Kb.
  • the build does not contain any passwords to access the server.
  • various options for both EXE and DLL assemblies are possible – both with automatic installation by double-click and for launching in memory.



  • added a function for the bot to execute .js code (loader or other payload) – created as a task in the panel for everyone or for a specific bot;
  • new panel with search, GeoIP and the ability to delete logs;
  • it became possible to send logs to email (in transit through php gate).


Included with the software is a short manual describing its operation and features of use.


For more information send us an email at or skype: live:ultrahacks_1