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DataProtector is an indispensable tool to secure the content of your programs from curious researchers and crackers also prevent detection by antivirus programs.


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DataProtector is a crypter coded in C Sharp with the Framework 2.0 dependencies (GUI only).

It is a better version of the well-known Crypter CyberSeal. It is stable and has a Small stub size. Also Supports Native & VB.NET applications. And has good Process Protection. DataProtector also got a Built-in stub scanner.

For more information send us an email at or skype: live:ultrahacks_1


  • Unicode Support
  • Custom Startup
  • Unicode support
  • Binder, Custom installation
  • Assembly Changer
  • Strong Stealthy Persistence
  • Anti VM & Sandboxie
  • Spoofer
  • EOF Support
  • UAC Bypass
  • Built-in scanner