GlitchPOS RAM Scraper

$ 1.200,00

Glitch is  Point-of-sale malware and constantly under development (small updates are free).



  • File size: 9kb (10kb with configurations).
  • Grab Track1 and Track2 Data.
  • No dependencies.
  • File tested from XP to W10 (x86 and x64).
  • Communication between loader and panel are encrypted.
  • Configurations encrypted and mixed inside the loader.
  • Fully compatibility with crypters.
  • Non common way to get commands from the panel (bypass AVs).
  • File melted after execution.
  • Loader detects human activity to execute the payload (avoid analysis).





information about online bots, offline bots, infected POS and cards data.
Graphic map with infections by country.
Top 5 infected countrys.
Top 5 card senders.


Shows HWID, IP, country, PC-name, cards received from bot and bot status


Filter for individual targeting (HWID).
Filter for GeoIP targeting.
Commands: [Download & execute (Memory), Download & execute (Disk), Update, Uninstall] Tasks Types: [Single execution, Each Restart, Only New bots, Only Active POS] Tasks Status: [Active, Suspended]


Panel detects card type.
You can export all the cards in xls format.
Show HWID, Country, Card number, card type, and date.


Connection settings [User-Agent, Encryption key] Panel Password change
Custom blacklist for processes to avoid on RAM scraping.

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