jLOG Keylogger

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JLOG is a multi-OS web-based Java keylogger with a lot of awesome features.

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jLOG Keylogger is the first of its kind, a fully written Java Keylogger developed by NimexRevolutions.

jLOG keylogger is developed in Java because Java is all about reliability and performance which comes with pure freshness and structured code that makes the programming language beautiful and useful in various areas, not just in the desktop world. The other advantage with Java is that its fast, secure and reliable as its used in our everyday life. Java is simply everywhere which is one of the reasons why jLOG keylogger is created in pure Java.

For more information send us an email at support@ultrahacks.org or skype: live:ultrahacks_1


  • Global Keyhook – makes it possible to grab all keys no matter what language the computer is set to. The keys are translated to English text so you can easily read what the user has typed.
  • Mutex – single instance will ensure that the user can’t run the file more than once. This is a huge advantage to avoid multiple logs coming from the same user.
  • Encryption – safety first. That’s the basic purpose of using a surveillance program. Therefore, we have included two encryption algorithms that prevents praying eyes on your files.
  • User-friendly – our product was created to be easy to use. This means that if you’re new to the keylogging community, you can adapt to the features with ease.
  • System Information – this feature will make sure that the first log contains accurate system details. This includes system type, computer name, country, process, network, motherboard etc.
  • Fake Messagebox – will display a message box once the user opens your compiled file. it will make the file less suspicious and easier to be ignored while also making the keylogging smooth.
  • Web-based Builder – makes it easy to build your own Java file straight from your account on Nimex Revolutions, anywhere. at any time.
  • FUD – check the scan below (if any). if there’s none, that means that we are working on making it FUD.
  • Cross-platform – the compiled java file will work in most operating systems including Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The same goes for the system architecture (x86 and x64).
  • Performance – the structure of the java file and its capabilities will make the program perform way better compared to most products on the market.
  • Delivery – the program offers three ways of delivering logs to the client. There is SMTP, FTP and web panel delivery which we highlight as the most important methods.
  • Colored Logs – logs are usually hard to read and sometimes it can be messy. With our features, you will receive logs that has been sorted in a way that makes them easier to read.
  • Add to Startup – makes the compiled file start whenever the system boots up. Could be useful if you want to keep an eye on your users for several days or even weeks.
  • Website Visitor – will open a link of your choice on the user’s computer whenever she/he opens the compiled file. Do you want to play a prank? Now you have got the chance!
  • Auto-Update – this allows you to update the stub remotely on users you have used it on. Let’s say you have installed it on a PC, and later we release an update, then you can update the current stub running on that computer without having to re-send the updated stub.