Raccoon Stealer C++


Raccoon collects passwords, cookies, and autocompletes from all popular browsers (including Firefox x64), SS data, system information, almost all existing desktop cryptocurrency wallets.

Fresh software
  • Native code. Our build is not a fork of existing products on the market.
  • The styler is written in C / C ++, which significantly increased the speed of work.
  • Our build will give you an excellent jerk at every strait because Raccoons notice units of antiviruses in the conditions of a dynamic test.
  • Raccoon collects passwords, cookies, and autocompletes from all popular browsers (including Firefox x64), SS data, system information, almost all existing desktop cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Built-in file downloader.
  • Work on both 32 and 64-bit systems without .NET dependencies.
  • Output file - Native x86 executable is easy to encrypt.
  • A private key, gate address, and all other string values ​​are highly encrypted.
  Intuitive and concise control panel
  • It is so fast and simple that with its help it will not be difficult for a child to learn how to process logs. Everything that usually took up the workspace is hidden in one click, and the necessary functions are easily found in the tooltips that pop up when you hover.
  • The design is completely devoid of distracting and useless elements; nothing else can interfere with your work.
  • A flexible search and filter system gives you unlimited sorting options.
  • The latest system of log statuses: each is marked as * new *, * open *, or * double *.
  • You can not try the candy without opening the wrapper. The status opened will indicate that the log has already been opened.
  • No more spills in a few hands from unscrupulous transfers! Duplicate logs will be marked with double status.
  • The unique ability to delegate logs will increase the effectiveness of your team. Everyone will receive material for their needs.
  • In addition to all:
  1. Export to CSV
  2. Link and cookie previews
  3. IP
  4. Browse GEO (Cities and ZIP)
  6. Mass removal of logs
  • The process of generating builds is very convenient: you can create an unlimited number of patterns for searching files and connect all this to the build right at the generation stage.
  • The panel is written on modern frameworks, such as React.js, which guarantees the rapid implementation of new functions and a variety of scaling.
Armor-piercing Back-end
  • We have prepared a good channel and fast servers specifically for your needs. And daily updates and support will help you quickly respond to any emergency situation.
  • Server deployment system for a new client. As soon as you pay your tariff, everything is automatically set in minutes and ready to go.
  • Native bulletproof solution without the use of slow Fast flux. The balancer distributes the load on the traffic, which eliminates congestion. Servers simply cannot fall from a large influx of traffic. No loss of logs during a quick strait.
  • If the laying server is blocked, then in your account you will receive a notification that the laying has changed and it is worth downloading a new build.
  • All HTTP for sending to handlers and file servers is encrypted. No leaks of logs and any other information.
  • Decentralized system. We combine servers into nodes, and they, in turn, into clusters. If the cluster in Canada falls, we will immediately use the new one in the Netherlands and so on.
Internal service for processing desktop cryptocurrency wallets This function will allow you to start paying back the money invested in the channel in the shortest possible time.
  • Fully automated process. You do not need to send each log separately. Just activate our crypto module in your account and all logs containing wallets will be sent for processing. For your convenience, everything is as simple as possible, convenient, and understandable.
  • Additional services for brute desktop wallets.
  • Powerful equipment is unique in its kind.
You can familiarize yourself with the full conditions for the operation of the crypto module and the gross in the user agreement inside our panel. And also nice little things
  • 2-step verification
  • Panel in the * .onion zone
  • Own Jabber server for our customers.