Sniffer CC


The standard universal sniffer is a JS code that is generated in the control panel, with the parameters you set, for the required form of payment for subsequent injection into shops. The sniffer is designed for standard forms of payment Magento / OpenCart / osCommerce, as well as for any such forms of payment that do not use iframes or redirects to a third-party site for entering CC data. In no case drops SSL and other scary things.

The control panel has the following functionality: * Receives data from a sniffer and automatically recognizes the necessary standard fields. * Automatic recognition of CC type: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, etc. * Exclusion of duplicates when receiving existing data. * Ability to set aliases for additional fields, so that parsing of these fields is carried out automatically upon receipt of CC. * Allows you to see the latest statistics received by CC: total, new per day, number of domains, CC graph for the last week. * Search SS, filtering by parameters, search by keywords. * Creation of templates for CC export in any form convenient for you. * Export CC, both all at once, and filtered by the necessary parameters. * User-friendly interface for viewing a single taken CC. * Generation of JS sniffer code with parameters for the form of payment.   Communication between the sniffer and the panel can be carried out either directly or through a special gate, to hide the location of the panel.   Requirements : nginx (recommended), php (version no lower than 7.0), mongodb, composer (optional)   Additionally: * Installing the panel on your server * Development of injections for shops using iframe * Finalization of the standard injection for non-standard shops that do not use iframes or redirects to third-party sites for payment * Help to install sniffer on sites * Refinement of the panel to individual requirements (Discussed) * Further development of add. modules for a fee.